Collaborations of Péter G. Szalay


  • COST D37 "Grid Computing in Chemistry: GRIDCHEM" EU porject, (2007-2010)
  • COST D26 WG 006 "Dynamics of non-adiabatic processes" EU porject, (2002-2006) Participants: Wolfgang Domcke (München), Horst
  • Köppel (Heidelberg), Maurizio Persico (Pisa), Hans Lischka (Vienna)
  • IUPAC Task Group (2001-2003): Selected Free Radicals and Critical Intermediates: Thermodynamic Properties from Theory and Experiment
  • COST D23 WG 0006-01 "A meta-laboratory for code integration in ab-initio methods" EU project (2002-2006)